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smiling elephants

little person trying to make it in the big world

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why fall in love when you can fall back asleep??


Pablo Picasso, Silenus Dancing in Company (1933), gouache and India ink. Via

Kurt Arrigo
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‘am i right ladies’ is the best way to end any text post am i right ladies 

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on today’s episode of “what’s wrong in my life” my blanket does not cover my feet





Breaking news: White fuckboys on twitter bitching how funny it is that Beyoncé is a feminist when she and her dancers were provocative and half naked. Despite feminism being about empowerment and a woman’s right to do whatever the hell she pleases with it, they just don’t seem to be able to grasp this concept.

In other news, men still don’t know what feminism is, still bitter that they aren’t Beyoncé and still making themselves look like asses on the internet.

And now the weather.

I bet 5 minutes later they slid up in some DM’s asking for nudes

you know these assholes had NO PROBLEM with anything in her show until that word popped up

it’s not nudity they have a problem with

it’s a woman who is empowered and in control of how when and why she dresses and dances how she wants

when their precious male gaze is questioned or dismissed, suddenly she’s a terrible feminist, and they try and shame her for the very thing that was turning them on seconds before


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*ends every piece of advice with “idk though” so that its not my fault if i ruin ur life*